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Autoi Home

The first ever home automation system that gives you never before features at affordable prices. The unique decentralized design of this system makes it very easy to install and even easier to upgrade whenever you want. Welcome to a world of connected things.


We provide the best features for our product.

Seamless Control

Get unparalleled experience of controlling your devices from anywhere in the world instantly.You can control all your auto i enabled devices from virtually anywhere in the world just by a click of a button.


Schedule your devices to power on/off at anytime you want. Be it turning the geyser on at 7 in the morning to save time or switching the fan off at early mornings to avoid morning cold.

User Pattern Recognition

User Pattern Recognition: iSwitch can understand your usage patterns and take actions automatically without even clicking on a button. Just like magic.


Know the exact amount of electricity utilized by your devices in clear, easy to understand graphical format. This will help you understand the usage/wastage of power and thus cut down on your electricity bills.

Sensor Control

AutoI Homes can control your devices not just when you tell it to, but also when you want it to, without even you lifting a finger. With the revolutionary sensor stream technology, your house will know when you are feeling cold and you want you fan to switch off, or to switch off your lights when you are not in your room. Of course all of this easily configurable through your mobile app.

Easy Upgrade

With multiple automation devices available to suit your requirement you are in for delight. You can easily upgrade your home automation system by adding more automation devices be it water saving automation system or the state of the art security system. All in a plug and play fashion. Automation was never this easy.

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Integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. This allows users to control the devices through voice commands.

Amazon Echo

Now you can also control your devices through your voice using amazon echo .

Google Home

Autoi also integrates with Google Home providing you an ecosystem of voice controlled Internet Of Things.


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Building Blocks

Presenting Autoi Home building blocks


A micro hardware device, which can be easily installed inside switch boards connecting all household appliances (fan, light, geyser etc.) to the internet. Driven through the easy to use Autoi mobile application, iSwitch is the first step towards connected devices.

Auto I Sense (All in one sensor module)

One of its kind, the Auto I Sense is a plug and play electronic all in sensor module which can be installed at ay room of a house in a matter of seconds.

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